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Another day of thanks

November 26, 2009

We’ve nearly finished our bottle of wine, the fire has made us lazy, we’ve eaten our third Thanksgiving dinner, and all is right with the world. The wine, 2007 Substance Syrah, pretty darn yummy. This is the first year it’s ever just been Hubby and I and I’m appreciating the solitude. We roasted a halved chicken, made that amazing savory bread pudding (which is worth mentioning twice), gingered cranberry sauce, and corn relish. Lovely. Not over the top with a million dishes. And we cooked leisurely all day. Took a walk up the hill. Talked to family on the phone.

And so, my short list of thanks:
Hubby on the couch beside me
Maizy the kitty, lolling on her back, all four legs splayed out in cat-contentment
That bottle of syrah
A kitchen full of good food
Family and friends on the phone
A whole month of mild weather in November
The chocolate candy with ground hazelnuts and tangerine peel that I made this morning
Three more days of holiday weekend
Willie Nelson’s Teatro
Votive candles in mason jars
The red table cloth from our wedding

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