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A New Year to Try

January 1, 2010

On the last day of 2009, Hubby and I took a walk. The light was the flat, blue light that comes with cloudy skies and snow on the ground. We went away for a week and came back to a thick layer of snow, so welcomed after the bone-chilling, cold, hard ground we’d left. And so, I elected not to go back to work just yet and we went for a mid-winter walk. Hubby was very patient while I took a few photos.

The end of a year, the end of a decade, it demands a bit of introspection, I suppose. I’m not sure I’m up to summarizing or otherwise finding meaning in a whole decade. But 2009, well, that’s something else. So, for you, and for me… some moments of note from 2009:

January meant drinking rum punch at ten in the morning with my in-laws and snorkeling with sting rays in Jamaica.

The death of a beloved grandmother and another bittersweet trip to Colorado in March.

Watching daffodils I’d planted the previous fall start to break through the cold ground in April.

May was the month of planting all things green and beloved in my garden with Hubby.

The start of this blog. Will anyone want to read? What will I write? Oh, how I love this blog now.

June meant a trip to Bellingham, Washington (beautiful Washington) to see friends.

And then a stopover in Ohio for a fourth of July replete with Americana and family not seen for years.

Niece and nephews camping out in the backyard felt like summer as a kid.

The tomato blight devastated gardens and farms all over the east and I sincerely, truly, thought I would escape this plague.

The abundance of summer, nevertheless, overwhelmed me as usual.

I jumped, at work, and the net appeared. This was not without stress.

Hubby and I spent the first ever Thanksgiving together with his family, a few days early. And then spent our own, together alone.

Another year, we made our trek down the eastern seaboard for the Christmas holidays- 1200 miles in eight days.

And now, home again, another year is spread out before us, ready to be tested, tried, tasted.
Happy New Year.

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